Bishop Morgan has faithfully served in ministry for 40+ years. He pastors the very difficult field of San Francisco. One important part of this is the cost of living in California. Until now they have rented small homes, rented office space and rented space for worship. A church in California will go from rented space to rented space for twenty or thirty years until being able to acquire a place of their own, because of the economy.

They now have the opportunity to purchase their own home. When the first underwriter found out they were ministry, he made it impossible for them to get an FHA loan. Currently, their option is to put 20% down on a conventional. They have done everything they could do, but there is still $40,000 needed before the end of the month for closing.

This man of God has been a tremendous blessing in my ministry and consequently to this church. He is at the center of the Awakenings Conference and Global Impact team that I am apart of. It is through his prophecy that we have conducted Celebrate the Name and raised $100,000 for Pakistan.

This new purchase will provide he and his wife with a place to live and with new offices for their ministry, Global Impact. This will be both a blessing and a savings. I am asking you to pray about God putting an amount on your heart towards this important mission. I think it would be a great blessing if our church could cover at least $5,000 of this balance.

Pastor Bill Thompson