What Can I Expect on My First Visit?


We would love to connect, or establish a “real link,” between you, our church, and to Jesus Christ. The definition of “connect” is to bring together so that a real link is established. Through our experiences, we have found the best way to do that is by participating in Church Services, attending New Life Church Orientation, and learning in a Personal Bible Study. We have different interest groups at New Life Church, as well as many "Life" services for every transition of life - from weddings to baby blessings to home goings. We want you to feel like you belong!


At New Life Church, we want to make your first visit as welcoming and easy as possible. Faith and fellowship is a big part of belonging at New Life Church! We are an ordinary people with an extraordinary God! Our weekend experience is full of authentic worship, music, practical Bible teaching and real community.

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early for service. This will give you time to park, check in your children, enjoy some coffee and fellowship, and be seated before service begins. 

What about my children?

New Life Church offers classes for all ages at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. New Life Children's Ministry is designed to be a safe, fun, relational, and personal experience for your child. If you are checking your child in for the first time, please go to the check-in desk and one of our volunteers will assist you.

Nursery and toddler classes available during each service.

We love and enjoy having you here!